Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal editorial page deputy editor, on Biden’s campaign

Joe Biden is “basically Bernie Sanders in sheep’s clothing,” Wall Street Journal editorial page deputy editor Daniel Henninger argued Thursday.

“You get a lot of Bernie” in a vote for the Democratic candidate, Henninger told “America’s Newsroom.”

Henninger looked back at when moderate Democrats rallied around Biden to block Sanders from becoming the candidate.


“The moderates came together and they nominated the moderate Joe Biden to be their standard-bearer, but very quickly … he moved to the left, embraced Bernie Sanders, incorporated much of his agenda into his platform,” Henninger said.

“Biden’s nomination was largely symbolic,” he noted, saying that “Bernie Sanders and the progressives … controlled the Democratic Party” and would get much of what they wanted without getting the nomination.


Henninger argues the riots and violence in Democrat-run cities “revealed a much darker pessimistic vision of the future of the United States than people realized existed in the Democratic Party” and created problems for them.

Biden, in the debates, said he is not a socialist and, instead, defeated the socialists to get the nomination.

“I am the Democratic Party,” Biden told Trump during the first presidential debate after the president accused him of being in favor of socialized medicine.

Henninger discussed Biden’s “noncampaign” in an op-ed titled “Vote for Joe Biden? Seriously?” in the Wall Street Journal Wednesday.

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