‘Hannity’ host gives his take on the presidential election with five days to go before polls close.

Joe Biden is making America out to be a country besieged by doom and gloom with five days left until the election, but “Hannity” host Sean Hannity argued Thursday the nation is actually on an upswing.

“Joe seems to think the country is hopeless and in shambles and, according to Joe, cowering in fear is going to be our new normal,” he said. “Coronavirus is spiraling out of control with no end in sight … That is Joe Biden’s final pitch to you, the voters, and, like always, he happens to be dead wrong.”

Hannity said the “scary, dark picture” the Democratic nominee paints is discredited by rapid economic growth. The long hoped-for V-shaped recovery has now become a reality, he said, with a 33.1% increase in third-quarter GDP reported Thursday.

“That is the highest quarterly growth ever in American history,” he commented. “Nearly double the previous high.”


According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis report, personal consumption grew by 40.7% and gross private domestic investment surged 83%. Meanwhile, jobless claims dropped to their lowest level since the pandemic’s beginning.

Now that the economy seems to be recovering, Hannity reminded viewers that the Democrats and media mob incorrectly predicted and warned of the coming of a major depression back in April and May.


“The left was wrong,” he said. “The president’s pro-growth agenda worked for three years, setting record after record. And now the country’s economy is surging at historic numbers.

“And keep in mind,” he added, “this V-shaped recovery is coinciding with sharply declining COVID death rates.”

“This is great news for America and the world,” Hannity concluded. “But not according to Mr. ‘Dark Winter.’”

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