President Trump holds a ‘Making America Great Again, Again’ rally in Newtown, Pa.

President Trump will need to win over suburban women if he plans to clinch victory, but polls just days before the election indicate he’s lagging behind Democratic opponent Joe Biden with this crucial voting bloc. 

Biden is leading with suburban women, ahead of Trump by 15 percentage points, and up overall with suburban voters by 7 points, according to the most recent Fox News poll


Trump has pegged himself a “law and order” president and promises to keep suburbs safe by slashing crime and blocking low-income housing in certain neighborhoods. 

The Trump-Biden debate is playing out in suburbs across the country: One suburban woman from St. Louis, Mo., told Fox News on Saturday that Trump aligns better than Biden with her family’s values. 


“What doesn’t make him the better candidate?” Kristen Korte said of Trump. 

“He upholds the Constitution. He’s backing the police and helping with all the violence and destruction and the killing from the riots and everything. I could go on and on,” says Kristen Korte of St. Louis.  

“He upholds the Constitution. He’s backing the police, and helping with all the violence and destruction and the killing from the riots and everything. I could go on and on,” she said.  

“Biden supports violence in their cities. He supports late-term abortion. I just don’t see suburban moms getting behind that,” she added. 

But one Long Island mother of three from Brookville, N.Y., an affluent suburb on Long Island in New York, told Fox News on Saturday that Trump’s language actually made her feel “less safe in the suburbs.” 

“I feel he incites more chaos, racial division and conflict,” she told Fox News, asking not to be identified. “I think his rhetoric around law and order is really a dog whistle to incite fear among affluent white Americans that people of color are moving into their neighborhoods.”

“Trump tries to portray himself as this really authoritarian law and order president, but to me, I don’t see that Biden will be lax comparatively.” 


Biden’s overall lead in the polls comes from significant support among women. Biden is up 16 percentage points overall with women. 

“I don’t agree at all with any of Trump’s rhetoric. I don’t even want my children watching him on TV because I don’t want them to see a leader like that,” the Brookville woman said.  

Korte, on the other hand, defended Trump’s rhetoric, which has included derogatory remarks about women, saying “personally, it doesn’t offend me.”

“Do I think that some of the tweets and some of the comments could improve? Of course. But so could everyone,” she said. “He’s done so much for women and small businesses with women owners. I look at his actions.”

“He’s teaching my boys to be proud Americans. I love that he nominated Amy Coney Barrett. Not because I have daughters, but because I want my sons to see that, that women are equal and they can do just as much and more than men. So instead of some of the comments he makes, I actually look at his actions. And his actions are that he supports women.”

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