Wonder was warming up the crowd before Biden and former President Barack Obama are expected to speak

Springsteen granted permission for the Biden campaign to use his song The Rising as background music to a campaign video

Stevie Wonder is back in his home state of Michigan to get out the vote for Joe Biden.

“The only way we’re gonna win this fight, a fight against injustice, is by voting,” he told a crowd gathered at a drive-in rally in Detroit on Saturday. “We must vote justice in and injustice out.”

Wonder, who is from Saginaw, Michigan, also joked about President Donald Trump’s debate-stage comments telling the far-right group the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” “You know what we say in the ghetto when somebody says that, right?” he asked the crowd, adding, “watch yourself, get your ass whipped.”

Wonder was warming up the crowd before Biden and former President Barack Obama are slated to speak. He is a frequent performer at Democratic political events, and campaigned for both Obama in 2008 and 2012 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Wonder called the November 3 election “the most important one in my lifetime.”

Wonder is not the only musician backing Biden. American rock star Bruce Springsteen is lending his voice and one of his songs to a campaign ad for Biden, underlining his support for the Democratic candidate just three days before the November 3 election.

It will not be the first time the singer/songwriter has shown his support for the former vice-president.

In August, Springsteen granted permission for the Biden campaign to use his song

as background music to a video shown at the opening of the Democratic National Convention.

He has publicly lashed out at Donald Trump calling the US president a “threat to our democracy.”

In narrating the campaign ad, which was broadcast for the first time Saturday, Springsteen talks about Biden’s blue-collar roots in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a battleground state likely to play a crucial role in the election.

“Scranton, Pennsylvania,” Springsteen says on the video. “Here, success isn’t handed down. It’s forged with sweat, grit and determination.”

It was a barely veiled allusion to Donald Trump, whose millionaire father gave him a substantial chunk of his fortune.

“This place stays with him, these streets are part of him,” the 71-year-old singer says of Biden. “This is more than where he’s from, it is who he is for.”

The message, to be broadcast on Saturday evening during a college-football game, ends to the swelling sounds of

, from what is probably Springsteen’s most famous album,

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