Ðîññèÿ. Ñàíêò-Ïåòåðáóðã. Ñòîðîæåâîé êîðàáëü (ôðåãàò) äàëüíåé ìîðñêîé çîíû ïðîåêòà 22350 “Àäìèðàë ôëîòà Êàñàòîíîâ” (íîìåð 431) íà IX Ìåæäóíàðîäíîì âîåííî-ìîðñêîì ñàëîíå ÌÂÌÑ-2019. Ëàäèñëàâ Êàðïîâ/ÒÀÑÑ

MOSCOW, November 24. /TASS/. The United Engine Corporation (UEC, part of the state tech corporation Rostec) has delivered the first completely domestic M55R diesel/gas turbine power unit for the latest Project 22350 frigates, UEC Deputy CEO Viktor Polyakov announced on Tuesday.

“The first power unit was dispatched in November. The dispatch of the second unit is scheduled for the first half of December. Therefore, our partners, the United Shipbuilding Corporation and the Severnaya Shipyard, will get a full-fledged power plant for the ship that will consist of two power units,” the deputy chief executive said.

The United Engine Corporation started R&D work on seaborne gas turbine engines in 2014, Polyakov said. “We have confirmed that Russia can produce diesel/gas turbine engines independently. We have fully acquired the competence, which Russia previously lacked. As of today, the United Engine Corporation has the scientific and technical potential to develop, produce, test, install on ships and provide support for the whole range of diesel/ gas turbine engines during their entire service life,” he stressed.

Russia’s state hi-tech corporation Rostec is consistently implementing the programs of developing advanced engines of all types, Rostec First Deputy CEO Vladimir Artyakov said. “Creating seaborne gas turbine power units and assemblies is a science-intensive hi-tech process. Only few producers in the world possess such competence. We are ready to meet the requirements of Russian shipbuilders for new gas turbine engines. The second power unit of this series is set for delivery in December 2020,” he said.

The Project 22350 multi-purpose frigates like the Admiral Gorshkov that have been floated out are equipped with imported power units. The first fully domestic power plant is designated for the Project 22350 third frigate under construction for the Russian Navy at the Severnaya Shipyard in St. Petersburg.

Project 22350 frigates are based on stealth technology and are designated to conduct combat operations in the distant oceanic area against enemy surface ships and submarines and repel air attack weapons both on their own and as part of a naval group.

All of Project 22350 frigates carry Kalibr-NK and (or) Oniks cruise missiles. The warships of the Project’s first version are armed with two universal launchers of eight Kalibr-NK and (or) Oniks missiles.

Project 22350 frigates are expected to become the Russian Navy’s most advanced warships in their class. These frigates displace 4,500 tonnes and can develop a speed of 29 knots. They are also armed with Poliment-Redut air defense missile systems.

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