Chinese enterprises should ramp up efforts in brand-building, with tea, Chinese food, clothing, electric vehicles and herbal skincare products having huge growth potential to establish global brands, according to a report released by Fortune magazine’s China edition and US-based strategic advisory services provider Ries.

The report said the world’s perception of Chinese brands is gradually escaping the “low-end” label. High-income groups have a better recognition of Chinese brands, and technology and innovation has become a new way for Chinese brands to reach the global stage. In addition, overseas consumers have a deeper impression on Chinese brands compared to the simple “Made in China” expression.

Xiao Yao, partner at Ries China, said “mind resources” are cognitive resources accumulated over a long period of time, and in the process of building a global brand, enterprises often pay more attention to tangible assets, such as capital, teams and technology, while ignoring intangible assets such as brand recognition.

Xiao noted methods for building a global brand are not all the same, based on the different characteristics of national “mind resources” in different categories.

For instance, tea enterprises should emphasize the characteristics of “China”, as tea has a long history in China, while automobile enterprises need to combine technology and innovation — China’s newer labels — to deeply explore potential opportunities.

Since the establishment of Ries China in 2007, it has become a leader in the positioning strategy consulting field in China and provided brand and strategy consulting services to several major Chinese companies, including Great Wall Motor, Robam Appliances, Moutai, Wanglaoji and Deppon Express.

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