MOSCOW, November 30. /TASS/. The nuclear-powered submarine Kazan successfully test-fired a cruise missile from the White Sea as part of the final stage of state trials, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

“Today, the Project Yasen-M lead nuclear-powered underwater missile-carrying cruiser Kazan successfully fired an anti-ship cruise missile against a sea target,” the statement reads.

“The target position was successfully struck by the warhead of an Oniks cruise missile,” the Defense Ministry said.

The fire was conducted in the second half of the day, it specified.

The vessels of the Northern Fleet’s Belomorsk naval base provided security of the water area during the test-fire, the statement says.

The submarine entered the final stage of state trials with the crew and the acceptance team on its board on November 21. At combat training naval ranges, the submarine’s crew will practice maneuvering in the surface and submerged positions at various depths and check the operation of the sub’s basic systems. During its deployment to the sea, specialists will check the sub’s systems and assemblies and shipborne armament.

The Project 885M lead nuclear-powered submarine Kazan was laid down on July 24, 2009 and floated out on March 31, 2017. The sub is currently undergoing trials and is expected to join the Russian Navy in late 2020. The nuclear-powered sub Kazan will operate in the Northern Fleet.

The Project 885 and 885M nuclear-powered subs carry Kalibr-PL and/or Oniks cruise missiles as their basic armament.

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