Obama was probed about what classified information he sought during his time in the White House in an interview on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week. The Democrat confirmed that he asked about extraterrestrials, but was tight-lipped about what he was told.

“Certainly asked about it,” Obama revealed when Colbert mentioned UFOs. “And?” the interviewer pressed. “Can’t tell you,” Obama replied, adding with a mischievous grin: “Sorry.”

Colbert interpreted Obama’s caginess as tacit confirmation that we are not alone in this universe. “All right, I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’” he quipped. “Because if there were none, you’d say there was none. You just played your hand. I thought you were a poker player. You just 100 percent showed your river card.”

The 44th president decided not to dissuade Colbert from this dramatic conclusion. “Feel free to think that,” he said.

Obama isn’t the only former US president to broach the topic of extraterrestrials with a chat show host. Earlier this year, Bill Clinton told Jimmy Kimmel that he would not be “surprised” if aliens exist. 

Clinton also denied that the US government held aliens at the infamous Area 51 Air Force installation in Nevada. “First, I had people look at the record of Area 51, to make sure there are no aliens down there… There were no aliens,” he said.

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