Fox News contributor and marine vet Joey Jones tells ‘Fox & Friends’ if you think the American flag is divisive ‘you are the radical.’

Fox News contributor Joey Jones on Thursday blasted the politicization of the American flag during President Trump’s time in office.

“Listen, I fought a war under President Bush and President Obama. I wouldn’t vote for either one of them today. And I’m sure both of them left this country more divided than they found it. But neither one of them inspired me to disassociate myself with my love for this country,” Jones told “Fox & Friends.

“I think this is a ridiculous premise if you are so weak-minded and fragile of heart that you can’t love this country because of who the president is. You need to sit down, because if you are so scared to stand up for what you believe in when you are not winning, then you are not the person this country needs to fight for freedom or do what’s right or stand in the gap while the rest of us are looking for you to lead or anything of that nature,” Jones said.


Jones reacted to a Politico article suggesting that anti-Trump citizens can now reclaim the American flag, a flag they were allegedly too ashamed to wave during the past four years.

Politico wrote that the politicization of the stars and stripes occurred before the Trump administration but Trump had “managed to take the divide further than ever.” Jones said the people who associate the American flag with Trump are his “political foes” who have attacked the flag.

“If you associate the personal flag with Donald Trump, if somehow Donald Trump has become synonymous with the American flag that’s because his political foes have literally burned it, turned it upside down, taken it down, knelt in front of it, rather than honored it and completely disassociated themselves from it,” Jones said.

“This isn’t like Donald Trump has hijacked the American flag when only one political party still understands the necessity of patriotism,” he added. “That’s not up to Republicans or conservatives to fix that problem for them. But, I will tell you this. You know, if you think that the American flag is divisive, you’re the radical. Not whomever you think that flag is associated with.”

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