Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel assesses the media coverage on the coronavirus news.

Amid the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Chief Veterinary Officer Christine Middlemiss in the United Kingdom tweeted a warning about bird flu after a H5N8 strain was found at a turkey farm in northern England.

Middlemiss tweeted:“Get prepared ! The bird flu risk from wild birds is ramping up so we’re ramping up further our biosecurity requirements. Be SCRUPULOUS in your efforts please.”


On Sunday the British government said the public health risk was very low, and the bird flu does not pose a food safety risk.

Middlemiss said in a statement to Reuters on Sunday: “Avian flu has been confirmed at a commercial turkey fattening farm near Northallerton, North Yorkshire.”

All 10,500 birds at the farm were set to be humanely culled to limit the flu’s spread.

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