More than 20,000 National Guardsmen are deployed to Washington, D.C. as the FBI monitors possible threats; Florida Republican Rep. Michael Waltz reacts to the security measures being put into place.

Photos are emerging of Trump administration staffers moving items out of the White House complex — including a bust of Abe Lincoln and a stuffed bird — ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next week. 

Biden will be sworn in as America’s 46th president on Wednesday, Jan. 20. 

People wait for a moving van after boxes were moved out of the Eisenhower Executive Office building inside the White House complex on Thursday. (AP)

Footage captured by C-SPAN this week showed a bust of Abe Lincoln being carried out of the White House. 

A bust of Abe Lincoln is carried out of the White House grounds. (C-SPAN)


That item is reported to be returning to a museum from which it was loaned. 

A man carries framed items to a car as he leave the Eisenhower Executive Office building on Thursday. (AP)

Another photo circulating on Twitter purportedly shows Debbie Meadows, the wife of Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, as she carried a stuffed bird away.

A van arrives to pick up boxes that were moved out of the Eisenhower Executive Office building. (AP)


Other images showed aides moving boxes out of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House grounds. 

People wait for a moving van inside the White House complex on Thursday. (AP)

That building houses most of the offices for White House staff. 

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