Porter, 41, was sacked just 37 days after taking the reigns in the Mets general manager’s office after a foreign reporter came forward and told ESPN that she had received a torrent of explicit images from Porter when he was a member of the Chicago Bears backroom staff more than four years ago. 

The unnamed woman alleged that Porter sent her various messages, including a “naked, erect penis“, which led to Mets owner Sandy Alderson giving Porter his marching orders. 

Jared’s actions, as reflected by events disclosed last night, failed to meet the Mets’ standards for professionalism and personal conduct,” Alderson announced in a statement.

Golfer-turned-Instagram-model Spiranac has revealed that similar unwanted messages are common on social media for prominent female figures.

Jared Porter sending 62 unanswered texts and thinking an unsolicited ween pic is the move isn’t uncommon. It happens everyday in my DMs with 0% success rate. It’s never the move,” she tweeted.

Spiranac, who boasts nearly three million Instagram followers, is a common target for social media trolls.

Less than two weeks ago, she highlighted a message she received which said that her golf matches should be broadcast on (adult streaming service) PornHub, to which she replied that “wearing leggings to golf is not equivalent to doing porn.”

Meanwhile, Spiranac also recently admitted on her podcast that she would rather have an all-expenses paid vacation rather than her “fantasy threesome“.

I feel like guys will originally always think about sex as their first fantasy,” she said.

But then you think about it and compare it to other things, would you rather have a threesome for five minutes or would you rather have a three-day trip with all of your buddies and do whatever you want?

“I think that is what people would take 100% of the time.”

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