Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram speaks with the Republican freshman on ‘Fox News @ Night’

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., blasted Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., Tuesday over his “baseless” suggestion that she led a group of people who took part in the deadly Jan. 6 riot on a tour of the Capitol building days earlier.  

“This claim is absolutely disgusting,” Boebert told Fox News Tuesday. “It’s offensive. I had my family in the Capitol on January 2nd. I brought my four sons, my mom, my husband, aunts and uncles to look around the Capitol. And then on the 3rd, we took some photos together before I was sworn in. My family left that day.”

In an appearance on CNN Monday, Cohen recalled seeing Boebert “taking people for a tour sometime after the 3rd and before the 6th. I remember the day, we were walking in a tunnel and we saw her … and she had a large group with her. 

“Now, whether they were people that were involved in the insurrection or not, I do not know …” Cohen added. “But it is pretty clear that … she’s not on the home team. She was with the visitors.”


Some Democratic lawmakers have suggested that the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol Jan. 6 were abetted by members of Congress. However, Cohen’s mention of Boebert Monday is believed to be the first instance any lawmaker’s name has been vaguely mentioned in connection with the riot.

Boebert told Fox News that most of her family left Washington after her swearing-in on Jan. 3, with the exception of her mother, who Boebert said was “was locked in my office during the attack. So everything that’s come out of this is just absolutely absurd … and to say that I was part of a reconnaissance mission is absolutely disgusting.”

The Republican added that she has not been contacted by Congressional or law enforcement officers investigating the events of Jan. 6.

“Of course they haven’t, because there is nothing out of the ordinary here,” she said. “Many members had their family in the Capitol building. I would like to see their evidence. I would like to see their evidence of what they saw.”

The lawmaker also lamented that “this moment that I had — this is such a rare moment that so few people get to experience. So few people are sworn in as members of Congress. And now this day is completely destroyed because of baseless lies from representatives like Steve Cohen.”

Fox News’ Joe Sargis contributed to this report.

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