China Electronics Corp, the country’s largest State-owned comprehensive electronic information enterprise group, launched a new brand — GienTech, a digital finance consulting and software provider based on information technology on Wednesday, in a bid to bolster the digital transformation and upgrading of financial sector.

Chen Ximing, deputy general manager of CEC, said GienTech is committed to building homegrown solutions and system capabilities, covering core application and hardware and software infrastructure, with a key focus on solving the development and security issues concerning the industrial and supply chain of fintech segment.

The company will promote the self-reliance of financial technology, products and systems, as well as facilitate the digital transformation and upgrading of financial industry.

GienTech will contribute to the independent innovation of traditional financial industry and the high-quality economic development in 2021 as it aims to make continuous innovation and inject new value into society, said Feng Minggang, general manager of GienTech, adding the company will carry out in-depth technical innovation and research and development in the future.

GienTech, which is an affiliate of CEC, has established 21 research institutes and employs 25,000 professional staff across the nation.

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