President of Adornetto’s Family of Restaurants, Adrian Adornetto, joins ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’

An Ohio restaurant owner is warning that any hikes in the minimum wage now will only hurt small businesses more.

President Biden signed executive orders Friday that would increase food aid, protect job seekers on unemployment and clear a path for federal workers and contractors to obtain a $15 hourly minimum wage, as part of his coronavirus relief package.  

While Biden’s action on the minimum wage only affects federal employees, he does support a $15 hourly wage for all workers.


Adrian Adornetto, who owns three pizza restaurants in Ohio, told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Saturday that the costs of a higher minimum wage would put “extra pressure” on struggling small businesses.

He called consideration of such a move during the coronavirus pandemic “bad timing.”

“It will do several things to my business and my employees. I’ll most likely be cutting hours back. I’m in the pizza business, so that $12 pizza may grow to a $19 pizza, and in my part of Ohio that’s very expensive,” Adornetto said.

He said his business went through tough “obstacles” amid the pandemic, and a minimum wage increase right now is “unthinkable.”

Ardonetto said Biden’s wage boost will cause a “ripple effect” in his establishments, and he may have to raise prices on the menu in an attempt to make ends meet.

“People are already scared to come out; we are at half-capacity. … It’s pretty rough, and it’s scary. It’s very real,” Ardonetto said.

Despite his struggles, the business owner is still finding ways to give back to the community. He has teamed with other pizzerias to provide funding assistance to businesses in need.

“We started a thing called ‘Pizza with a Purpose’ with the Ohio Restaurant Association. We’re really excited about it. This week Monday to Sunday, every pizza shop that participates, with every pepperoni specialty pizza they sell, a dollar will go to the Ohio Restaurant Employee Relief Fund,” Ardonetto said.

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