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EXCLUSIVE – With Democrats in control of the White House and holding fragile majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has a new mission.

Rather than defending a Republican president and a congressional majority, the RNC is now taking aim at President Biden and Democrats in both houses of Congress.


“We are going to make sure that we are responding in real time to polices that the Biden administration is putting in place that are hurting the American people,” RNC chair Ronna McDaniel emphasized in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday.

McDaniel highlighted that the RNC’s research and communications departments have transitioned to a full-scale rapid response and research operation “to expose the Biden White House and hold Democrats accountable.”

The chair said that some executive orders issued in the first days of the Biden administration are already giving the GOP ammunition.

“I think we’ve shown that this week even, with the elimination of the Keystone Pipeline and the thousands of jobs that’s going to cost. Things like taking credit for Operation Warp Speed when President Trump obviously put that into place,” McDaniel argued. “And we’re going to make sure that we’re pushing back on nominees or extreme policies that are coming out of this administration.

“We foresee making sure that the voters in some of these key states recognize what Biden is doing versus what he said on the campaign trail,” said McDaniel, who was unanimously reelected earlier the month to another two-year term steering the national party committee thanks to endorsements from Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the top two Republicans in Congress.


Pointing to the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, which Biden narrowly won in November’s presidential election, McDaniel argued that in the autumn the then-Democratic nominee “said he was for energy independence and a supporter of fracking and the importance of those jobs and now we’re seeing already him eliminating jobs in key states that he won.”

McDaniel said the RNC’s mission is “to make sure that as that’s happening we will be communicating that, probably through our regional communications teams, making sure we’re on radio and local broadcasting in those areas, communicating directly with those voters.”

She predicted the strategy will pay dividends in next year’s midterm elections, when the GOP will try to win back control of the House and Senate and hold their advantages in governorships and state legislatures.

“Already you’re seeing Biden putting forward policies that will bankrupt our country, already eliminating jobs in key states,” the RNC chair charged. “The further we get through this and the contrasts from a policy perspective between the administration we just had and the one that’s in office. I think we have a good shot and we’ll win back those majorities in 2022.”

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